Want to be a Horse Trainer for a Day?

July 17, 2015
Want to be a Horse Trainer for a Day?

The Dawson Co-op will sponsor Niki Flundra’s Unbridled (equine/horse) performance. We will select 1 boy or girl between the ags of 5 and 7 to spend the day at the Dawson Creek Exhibition to train and perform with Niki Flundra and the Unbridled performance. Beginning July 17, call for nominations will begin. Please send in 1 picture and 1 short essay (no more than 400 words) on why you are nominated yourself or another person. From those nominations received, we will select 5 finalist and post to Facebook. The Dawson Co-op Facebook page followers will vote by liking the submission photos and the most “liked” photo will be granted as winner.

please see attached contest rules for full details.